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Those of you, who have followed Project Getting Involved from the start, will remember that the New York based lawyer and author Andrew Vachss participated shortly in the project.

At the 24th of September 2003 our department hosted a small conference with speakers from the police, lawyers, Save the Children Norway, Telenor, University of Umeå and our third year Bachelor students. The title of the conference was “Internet – a hiding ground for paedophiles?” With this conference as a backdrop we hosted two online discussion sessions between our students and Andrew Vachss.

These two sessions was meant to be an experimental example on how to teach ethical topics to computer students using Moodle as a communication tool, and was a part of our “Project Getting Involved”

Read more about it here: Online seminar with Andrew Vachss (2003).

It is therefore with pleasure that I further the information that on Wednesday, January the 14th, it will be possible to engage in dialogue with Andrew online, in regard to his last book in the Burke series. Read more about this event at his web site, and register for the meeting here.


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Is today´s teacher education up to speed on the world of our kids? Is it able to give teacher education students the knowledge necessary to link Piaget, Vygotsky and different pedagogical theories to the media reality of our children?

If not, how can we expect teachers to help prevent abuse, sexual and otherwise, of children in digital media?

This and other highly fascinating questions and expert advice will be brought before you on this year´s Getting Involved conference. And for those who cannot appear at the conference center in Mo i Rana, a live feed of the conference will be placed at the conference WebTV page.

The feed will be stored as part of our ongoing documentation of our work against sexual abuse of children in digital media.

Since the fall of 2002, Department of Computer Science, Nesna University College, has been working with a project called “Getting involved”. The project was a part of the undergraduate course in Computer Science, and the course Social Informatics. The main focus of the project is to try to fight the constant sexual abuse of children on the Internet with information and awareness projects directed both towards the computer students of Nesna University College and towards the local computer industry and local primary, secondary and upper secondary level schools.

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